Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays.
Stay "festive."
Avoid sticky situations.

From me, Sticky Situation Girl.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Holidays? Holidays.

Hello again.
Nice to see you.
Today, I want to talk about the holidays, and all of the holidays around this time of year and sort of break them down to you. You know, to get the real picture of each holiday, because everyone always wants the real picture, right?
Everyone always wants the real picture, right?
So, here we go:

 This is the holiday most people think of when they think of "the holidays." And that doesn't make sense. There are other events involved in "the holidays." Not just Christmas. But don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. It's one of my favorite holidays. But why do people always revert to Christmas, like there are no Jewish faiths or beliefs in this "MELTING POT" of the USA? There are different customs, America. There are.
No matter how hard it is to believe.

 This holiday is centered around Jewish beliefs, and it is a time to enjoy family and friends, and get presents. Presents. Is that all everyone thinks about when they think of Hanukkah, Christmas, and other "present"-related holidays? Why are our beliefs centered just around the gifts and the lavish of the holidays, then, you know, actual beliefs? People have always said that it is better to give than to receive, but some people during holidays involving the giving of presents, do not actually live up to that motto. And it's not just during Hanukkah.
It's really not.

 Kwanzaa is an African-American celebration, beginning on the 26th, so the day after the infamous holiday everyone talks about. Kwanzaa seems like a great celebration, but I don't celebrate it. I wish I did though, because it is a holiday where African-Americans get together and just celebrate and honor their beliefs. I think it is very fair, considering the fact that most African-Americans were members (unwillingly) of slavery in the early 1600s. This holiday is sort of a reward saying, hey, we're still here, so... let's make the best out of it. But, am I wrong? Am I wrong to assume that this whole holiday is about slavery and how African-Americans got out of it? Does this holiday have anything to do with slavery, at all? Does everybody just assume that African-Americans are constantly celebrating their freedom for slavery, every single day?
Maybe it's not.
Maybe people need to expand their knowledge.
Maybe I need to.

 The day before the New Year is when people celebrate. Maybe they are cramming in their last possible festivities from this year, before they go into the new year. I think that is a good idea, and a bad idea. On one hand, all of this celebrating is fun and it gets everyone into the "New Year's spirit." It is fun celebrating with friends and family, and ringing in the New Year. But also, is it too forced? Do all of the celebrations before the new year have to be rushed, since the next day is the New Year? Do humans just rush through life, instead of savoring the year to come?
Do not rush through your life.
There are too many memories.

There are other holidays, but these are the main ones that people know.
Maybe we should know more.
Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Another Poem, Maybe Better Than the First.

We Fight For
This is the life we fight for,
Battled gory and gruesome in the beginning,
Evolution shaping and changing us,
And then thousands of generations.

This life that we live for now,
But some live only for the good,
We don't all know what we all have,
We don't know how "they" struggled.

We only know what we did,
And what brought tears to our eyes,
But what we had once is forgotten,
Buried under what we have now.

Not a soul knows all,
Not a soul wants to,
Deep down inside of us,
"They" live on, still in war.

We don't know what we all have,
Granted being taken, snatched up in our hands,
But some special ones just might wonder about it,
The life we fight for.


Think about this poem. Because it was meant for most of you. You may all know what it means and deny it, but we all have this in us. Some of us might not know what this means. Some of us.
Some of us.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Poem: Two by Two.

Two By Two
Two by two,
They keep coming,
Silent through the shaft,
Across the creaky floor,
Which is silent with their paces,
Quiet through the night.

Two by two,
They will arrive,
Now they come forth,
Trudging as weary soldiers,
An uproar of strife sure to ensue,
As they came marching,
Two by two.

Two by two,
Fighting for their archaic future,
Because nothing will change,
Fighting for their archaic future,
The future will all be the same,
Their ancestors will swoop and play,
Dancing two by two.

Two by two,
They will try to save and to be saved,
They know it is risky,
Their minute heads know it to be true,
Still they march,

Two by two.
This is a poem that I wrote.
Do you know what this means?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

More Situations to Ponder. Also, Halloween.

You all probably know that Halloween has come and gone, and there are so many things that should be talked about.
First off, I should probably talk about the mood. The mood. It was... not as scary as five years ago, definitely not as scary as seven years ago. We were all seven years younger.
A few days ago, I summoned up my courage and went into a haunted house with a few friends. My heart was racing and I felt like I was going to throw up. I hated scary things, and I still do. Scary things are like huge predicaments, waiting to mess you up at any second. Someday, I might be able to face them and not feel faint. Someday. Someday will hopefully be soon.
So I was going into the haunted house, and then I went through it, and then it was done.
Done. Just like that. It was done.
And that experience made me think. Did us generation of humans chalk things up to be as scary as they really AREN'T? Did we always take what used to be a small problem and spin and spin it around in our heads like a washing machine until it becomes a big load of stress? Then, when we actually face our "HUGE PROBLEM," do we fail to see what the real experience is because we already have something entirely not accurate ingrained in our heads?!?! Is my Horrible Predicament a huge, overestimated situation? No. It can't be. It was too big. But is that all we humans do, overestimate, overestimate, overestimate? And if so...
Think about that.
And try not to overestimate it.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Music and my Horrible Predicament.

Music is the healing of the soul. It is also the healing of predicaments. Just think, if more people listen to music, then they would not have to worry about staying scarred forever from a horrible predicament. But not as horrible as mine.
My predicament.
Now, how to go about talking about this one, this predicament?
Mine was earth shattering, ego shattering, life shattering. It almost shattered everything I had, I did, I wanted, I dreamed of, everything was knocked right out of me. Gone. Then it was gone. Everything was gone, like on moving day. But, like moving day, you always find something left behind, like a sock or a broken, stubby pencil that was not as important. What was left behind in me was like that, except it was very very important and I clung to it like it was my life.
I left behind my... hope.
Yes, my hope.
My hope that everything would be ok, that everything would be fixed. My hope that I could pull myself out from this. My hope... My hope... this list could go on forever, because I needed hope. I needed it more than anything.
My Horrible Predicament.
All things we can learn from, that I can learn from.
Because learning is helping.
It always helps.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Scroll down, and you will see fish.

I want to talk to you about fish.
Fish. Yes. That is all that this post will be about. You know what fish are, don't you? They are majestic sea animals that live in what we always, always take for granted (and sometimes tend to overuse). Yes, we do. Don't deny it. We so do take their home for granted. We haven't yet grasped the concept that, hmm, maybe, animals live in that habitat. Hmm. And as you see, those fish don't seem to mind, but not because they just have forgiving (tiny) hearts, but because they are getting killed for people to eat. Yes. That is what happens to fish in the place we call a "beach." That is one of their predicaments that they encounter during their short lives. They are in a predicament. That proves that everyone and everything has encountered a predicament in their lives, and they aren't about to deny it. What is there to deny?
So go ahead. I want you to do three things. One, look at these fish:
 Quote from
These are animated fish who, even though they are animated, have family who has encountered predicaments. They even have predicaments with their lack of food. Two, I want you to think long and hard about predicaments. Long and Hard. Yes. Capitals. This really does require the right mindset and the proper amount of thinking time. There is a lot to think about.
Three, I want you to scroll down, take a good look at the fish on your screen, and... feed them by clicking your mouse. That's right. Feed them.
Come on.
I know you want to.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Girl with a Blog.

This is a blog.
This is a blog that makes you think.
This is a blog where sticky situations live.
This is a blog full of sticky situations, or predicaments.
This is a blog that teaches you how to get out of these situations.

I am a girl.
I am a girl who has been through this.
I am a girl who has encountered some predicaments.
I am a girl who will teach you how to get out of predicaments.
I am a girl who will teach you that it is not okay to worry about them.
I am a girl who will teach you to face your sticky situations head on instead of hiding.

I am a girl. This is a blog. I am a girl with a blog.
I am a girl with a blog and an armful of sticky situations.
I am "Sticky Situation Girl."
And this is my blog.