Friday, April 10, 2015


How, is my question.
Not what.
Not who.
Not where.
But how.
I know what you're thinking, how what? What do you mean? And I understand. But this "how" isn't about just one thing. It's about a lot of things.
There are a lot of things to question in this world.
I can't list all of them, because that will take a long time. But there are a lot of questions, some that haven't been answered yet. And while I don't intend on figuring out the answers, I will continue to question.
How? How do things work? How do you do this? How is it real/fake? How?
There are a lot of questions in this world, maybe more questions than people. But together, all of us people can ask these questions.
And maybe we might get answers.
After all, what good is a question without an answer?