Friday, May 22, 2015

It's been a long time.

Long Time

Sinking feet into the unsteady sand,
Hearing bliss of the water curling and crashing, 
Feeling the hot sun burn my fragile skin,
I am home.
And I will be for a long time.

Looking at the horizon, speckled with thrown-on clouds,
Watching the sun go down as the tranquility descends upward,
Smelling the aroma of cool comfort settle over me,
I am home.
And I will stay for a long time.

The peace and quiet is torn by seagulls noisy catching-up-on,
But I don't mind,
Because they are my brothers and sisters,
Always my family and forever my family,
My setting is my home,
Where I will partake in for a long time.

This poem is about coming home, and staying. 
For a long time.
Think about it. Can you relate to this? Is this a part of your life?
Will it ever be?
Because traveling can be exciting.
But coming home can be even better.
Coming home and staying.