Saturday, June 13, 2015

The tree in my front yard.

I think it has magical powers.
The tree, I mean.
Magical powers.
I think this because of how, well, magical I feel when I'm in that tree. Like nothing can bring me down. Like I'm on top of the world, looking down. Like all of the stress and excess feeling that I have felt today is now only a mirage, as a calm serenity settles over me, and I have a connection with the world. Like I am part of the bigger picture when I step into that tree, and I am airborne, soaring with the birds.
How does this tree speak to me in this way? Well, when I was younger, I really connected with that tree. I would eagerly climb into it's friendly branches, and it would welcome me.
I had never felt so welcome in my life.
When I was younger, I didn't have as much stress, but this tree made me feel whole again. Little parts of me that had broken off joined back again, as I was healed by the soft wind in my hair, the branches whispering my name, the way I was carried by the tree, held in it's long, graceful fingers.
And I would smile because I knew this tree, every dent and crevice.
Every dent and every crevice.
It felt like another home to me.
As I get older, this tree in my front yard sort of melted away, it's powers residing in my heart less and less. I don't know if it was school and it's demands, or just the spark from my early childhood being gone, but I didn't feel the magic of the tree like I did when I was small.
It's such a shame, because the tree is magical, to me, and I didn't notice when I had school, because other priorities kept me from experiencing that magic.
I don't remember when, I don't remember why, but I climbed into the tree recently, and the feeling that came over me was incredible.
The feeling.
It was amazing. I stared up into the tree, and I heard a voice in my head, calm and peaceful, saying to me, welcome home.
I was at home. My home.
And nothing felt better than that.
I have been climbing that tree more lately, sometimes with a book in hand to read up in the tree.
And now, I have my own special place, high in the tree.
But it doesn't mean I won't travel to other places in the tree. It doesn't mean I won't keep exploring.
I recently found a place, higher in the tree, where I can look into a "ring" formed by leaves and branches.
It's beautiful.
I feel powerful.
It is a bit scary sometimes. Sometimes, I feel the tree sway underneath me, but a small amount of fear is a small price I have to pay to experience what I feel in that tree. Power.
That tree is magical.