Saturday, August 1, 2015

Making up for lost time is hard.

I don't like losing time.
Especially when it's time that I value.
Lost time is always hard to overcome, because you wonder: What did I miss? What will I miss from missing what I missed before?
And it hurts when there is a joke, or a story, or an event that happened when you weren't there, and everyone knows, and is swept up in the event without you. It hurts because they've been moving on.
They've moved on.
Without you.
Doesn't it hurt?
I always feel this way when I join something new, like a club or a site or a blog that has been operating before my joining. I wasn't a part of it starting, and I have missed the routines and habits before I joined. I wonder, what have I missed? And I frantically try to catch up and be part of all of it, and I end up not enjoying the joining part.
Maybe just starting the club or the site or the blog is a clean slate.
Maybe you can create something. Something big.
Maybe you can create a routine or habit.
I need to take this advice to heart, because I need to not rush into things.
You don't have to rush to become part of the event. Being new is fun.
Being new is exciting and being old is exciting too.
Both are exciting, and both bring great things. Both are great.
So when you just join something, remember. Remember everything I am telling you and tuck it all away and absorb it and make it part of you, hidden deep for you to pull out and consult with when in a situation like this. Don't rush.
Everything is screaming for you to slow down.
The journey is important too, so don't rush it to get to the destination. It's a lot like that.
The journey gets you there, and you learn a lot more from it then arriving and not needing to learn anything at all.
The journey is important too, so don't rush it to get to the destination.
Both are great.
Don't overestimate one because it seems better.
Both are great.
Remember that.
Both are great.
New and old.