Saturday, September 5, 2015

Colors and feelings within a poem.


Apples are
That are Red
Like a fire engine,
Or great Love,
Or a blush
Set upon the cheeks of
One Embarrassed,
Is the color of an Apple.

Gray is a Color,
Of Sad,
And Dull,
And Doom,
And the Ominous feeling
Of what's to come.
Gray stands for Lots,
Mostly sad,
Is the color of Sad.

How they are related,
There are colors,
That stand for Feelings,
That stand for Other Feelings,
Other Things,
What more is there?

 I hope this poem gets you thinking.
Of colors.
And feelings.
And how they are related.
Maybe the next time you see the color gray, you will think of it differently.
Maybe you'll become sad thinking about it.

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