Sunday, October 11, 2015

Traveling is good, but I like home, too.

I love to travel.
Every place is a place to travel, whether you get on a plane or in a car or just walk. It's traveling.
Traveling is good.
You can learn from every place you go.
I love to travel.
But I also like to come home.
Coming home is coming to the place where you belong. Coming to the place where you can laugh, talk, sit, stand, cry, plot, scheme. Where you can be you.
You can be you at home.
Not always when you travel.
In my experience with going to places, traveling, I have had to be polite to everyone I meet. I have had to use manners, use "Please" and "Thank you" with everyone, everywhere. I had to have a good impression, because I never knew where else I would stumble into them, and then I would have to be nice to them all over again. I would have to use manners, and smile, and be cheery, so their first impression of me would be confirmed. I had to be the nicest version of me possible.
I had to be a nice girl.
I couldn't tell them about dark things.
Things that trouble me.
I couldn't tell them about my Horrible Predicament. And I didn't want to.
I still don't.
But when you travel, you are expected to lap up every sight, be on the move every day, see all the sights that are offered. You aren't supposed to get bored when you travel. You are supposed to be interested, and have the best time. It's supposed to be fun.
Supposed to.
What do you want when you travel? To have a good time, or to think about home? I want to do both. I want to travel and enjoy, but to never replace travel with home.
Because after all, when you travel, whether you have a suitcase in hand or not, whether you are on a plane or not, you will always come back to the place where you came from.
And that place is home.
When I get back from  traveling, I think about what I did, and if I miss doing it or not, and I reflect. I am in a mood for travel for a few days, but I need to settle.
I must settle.
I am home now.
You can be you at home.
And that's the best feeling, to know that there will always be a place that you can call home, a place to be yourself without worrying about impressions.
Traveling is fun and lovely and great and interesting and life-changing, but home is home.
I like home as well.
Don't you?