Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Why does it have to be anything at all?

That's what I ask.
Why, I ask.
Why police brutality.
Why fatal shootings.
Why national media attention for a cause that just won't resolve.
Why does it have to be like this.
I know it doesn't have to be like this, but it clearly isn't another way. The other way is yet to be found, yet to be put into place. The other way isn't what we have now. The other way isn't fear.
The other way is peace.
It's hard to imagine it another way, isn't it? The safe way, where people greet the police officers, not beat them. A way of care, not fear. A way with no weapons to kill someone, ending their life. A way of feeling a sense of security even when seeing a police officer with a gun in their holster.
A way of peace.
Why can't we fix this fatal, messy problem? Why do innocent men have to keep being shot down in the streets, and for what? Because they did one thing wrong?
People shouldn't be murdered for a mistake.
Mistakes can change a person.
Mistakes change lives.
Mistakes change you.
Why get murdered for a mistake.

But in a way, do some people see murder for mistakes as a way of good?
That people would rather get killed than live the rest of their lives with the haunting guilt of a life gone wrong? Opportunities gone? A deep, dark hole with nowhere to escape to but a deeper, darker hole of the wrong done in their heart?
Who wants to live in a deep, dark, hole?
Of guilt.
But who wants to die.
Not by their choosing.
But by the choosing of the so called "protection" of people.
I ask.
How can you protect the people that you are so fatally shooting away?
How can you protect what you don't have? And what does that do for the people that you do have left?
It creates fear.
Do I know someone that's going to be next?
Am I next?
The nation needs to ask themselves the question of how to solve such a problem with such large issues.
We need to ask ourselves this.
We need to do this.
We need to do this to save the life of the next person shot down by our "protection."
Maybe then, we can solve this problem.
Maybe then, it will become nothing at all.

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