Friday, June 3, 2016

I think it's time for Sticky Situation Girl to come to a close.

I think it's about time.
Why? Because I don't want to be below par anymore. I want good writing, and If I can't do it here, I won't.
It's not fair.
To you.
Yes, you who is reading this right now. You.
Are you a regular reader? Do you come visit me in my little corner of the Internet often? My guess would probably be no.
Don't feel like you have to catch up. Don't go back and hurriedly reading through all 18 posts.
19 including this one.
Why not catch up?
Because you don't have to.
This blog has, as I said before, reached it's final performance.
It's over now. And I couldn't be more relieved.
Not because I didn't like blogging on SSG. I loved it. I still do.
It's because other things I love more. I have certain parts of my life I must keep in my life.
Fashion teal.
All of these, and more, are what I must keep close to me, as a part of my life. SSG is still going to be a part of my life, what made me me, but it just won't be a continuing presence.
And that's okay.
Why am I relieved about the closing of this blog, this final post?
Because I knew I wasn't giving this blog my all.
Many people might describe me to be a purposive and determined person. I do stuff with a purpose and a resolve to do it well.
I need 100% effort to feel okay with myself.
SSG wasn't 100%, and through the several months after starting the blog up until now, and I knew this.
But I loved SSG.
Loved it.
I wanted to keep going.
So I did the unthinkable.
I pushed through the slump and produced work that was okay.
Not superb.
That's not 100%.
I had to take a good look at what I was doing, and I realized I couldn't go on knowing this wasn't a devotion of my entire mind and heart.
So what do I do?
That's what I'm doing now.

So, goodbye.
Nice knowing you. Nice seeing you.
Hope you come across a little site in the corner of the Internet like mine soon.
And maybe you'll read it. Maybe not.
I hope you do.

Well, from me and my blog Sticky Situation Girl, we say goodbye and maybe we'll see you around.
Remember, if there's a predicament, there's always a girl with a blog to help.
Thanks for reading.